Falcons Memories 2 CD

CD Memories 2 des FalconsDECEMBER 2008:

AUDIOMEDI Hansaton Group records the CD Memories 2 "Sensations and emotions" with Velvet.

Marc et Margit Weber, Yorick Hubert and the Audiomedi-Hansaton team record the new Memories 2 CD of the Falcons, mythical Lorraine group of the sixties, always sensitized by the question of audition. They will give part of the profits of this CD to the association Deaf Children of Cambodia, association which they have already supported for 10 years. 

Technician training


Training at hearing moulds manufacturing of a Krousar Thmey personnel at Siemens Laboratory in Singapore.

Medical Congress in Phnom Penh


During the medical Congress to Phnom Penh, Deaf Children of Cambodia introduces its program which caused much interest near the Cambodian medical community.

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