Mission 14

The children grew upartisans d'Angkor

We have been seeing some children for seven years and strong links are created, just as with the teaching staff. But our priority is the care and fitting to these children. We arrive at each time with in our luggage - despite the huge three tin trunks which remain in place - more than 300 hearing aids - new or re-conditioned - to adapt to the new children and carry out replacements. During the mission of May/June 2008 more than 75% of hearing aids are exchanged for better ones. Also in our luggage are the batteries for 6 months, ear printing equipment and earmolds. Records of the children remain in each school available to the Director, the speech therapist and Mr Dara. We notice that the trained persons - hearing aid technician, speech therapist - are highly efficient and very demanding of additional training. Now this is the role of the most ancient in the team to transmit their knowledge.
With the support of a Franco-Cambodian hearing aid technician who has just arrived to Cambodia, we took the decision to set up in the Phnom Penh school a workshop for earmolds manufacturing and electronic repairs. Besides a room will be fitted out for the audiometric tests. We shall so be able to train Cambodian young persons in audioplastic and audio-electronic techniques.


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