Mission 12

Contact in Singapore

In May, 2007, taking advantage of "the technical stop" in Singapore, we meet the Professor Luke Tan, head of the ENT departement of the University Hospital of Singapore and his team. We also visit the SIEMENS hearing aids factory, and settle a collaborative project of training of a Cambodian teacher for hearing aid repairs. This collaboration takes effect since Mr Dara, teacher and pedagogic manager, is formed in Septeber 2007 in the premises of the Singapore SIEMENS factory. His training was made easier by the presence in Siemens-Singapore of personnels of Cambodian origin and particularly Mrs Ly Eng EA.

In Cambodia, the first week was devoted to the children of the schools in Kompong Cham and Phnom Penh. At Kompong Cham, the number of children has considerably increased through the creation of boarding school. Despite the goodwill of the teachers, the hearing aids are less well maintained than in other schools, the failures are more numerous. The Cambodian speech therapist has just taken up her post, and supports a large number of children. We lay greet stress upon hygiene and maintenance of the hearing aids.

In Phnom Penh, thanks to Mr. Dara, the hearing aids are very well maintained; the hearing aids are used and each teacher takes care of them in his class. There is also no concern with children who use their devices at home. The Cambodian speech therapist Mr Phallin puts into practice the methods learned from Helene and Veronique, two Frenchj speech therapists, who spent nearly three years in schools of Krousar Thmey. We insist on the essential speech therapy care for all children of the nursery school. We remind that speech therapy is essential for these children to pass to the next class. We take stock of the children who require a speech therapy support.

At the end of the week, traditionally, the Director of the school prepares for our intention a party attended by all children, Mrs Kosal (Krousar Thmey Cambodia Director), Mrs Phalla (Director of the deaf and blind children program), as well as all teachers. It is a time of intense emotions! Last year young deaf girls performed traditional dances of Cambodia, and this year the speech of thanks is said by children!

The second week was devoted to the children of the schools of Battambang and Siem Reap. In Siem Reap, thanks to Eric Stoecker (the art director of the Artisans Angkor), about twenty 15 to 18 year old teenagers profit by a formation in these very famous workshops, formation which will give them a craft.

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